Meet The Author

Wayne Hawthorne was born and raised in Southern Alberta where he attended English immersion schools.  He decided that school was holding him back from all the experiences in life that he planned to fulfill. He drove to Ontario in 1965 when jobs in Alberta were scarce.  While living in Toronto, the self-admitted center of the known universe, he attended Ontario Police College.  His fierce sense of justice was tuned to seek out the down-trodden, disadvantaged and the victimized who could use a little help.  His nickname was “Hawkeye” in recognition of him catching bandits red handed.


One story that depicted his instant justice resulted in a call to the Inspectors carpet to explain his act of burglary.  Wayne had attended a radio call in the middle of the night to an apartment where a new born baby was sobbing out its little heart.  The new mother explained that the landlord had tampered with her electricity and she could not heat baby formula on the stove.  Constable Hawthorne awoke the landlord who was most unhelpful, so using his police car's tire iron as a key he opened the landlord’s electrical utility cabinet.  He removed the fuses from the landlord’s service and installed them in the victims fuse box which restored her electricity.  The Inspector said that of the many times Wayne had been called to his office it was always because he had taken some action, never for neglecting duty.


He turned 50 in Lethbridge College where he earned a diploma in Multimedia Production (hons). It is perhaps that sense of justice that led to his delving into the wrongs of Quebec governments and comparing them with the alarming parallels of South Africa's apartheid.  He postulates that if we can understand how South Africa was able to rise above the abomination of apartness, then Quebec may also be capable of the same before "more blood" is shed in Quebec. 


One revealing quotation in this book is by Pierre Trudeau who wrote: “We depend on our power of Blackmail in order to face the future. . . We are getting to be a sleazy bunch of Blackmailers.”


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