Organisations and Individuals in Defense of Canadian Rights and Freedoms

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Anglo Society of New Brunswick

Barry Irvine Blog

Canadians for Language Fairness

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 

Canadian Constitution Foundation

Howard Galganov

Language Fairness for All

Responsibility To Protect (R2P)

Scenic Acres Community Association

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

Unity Group

Facebook Groups Who Are Defending Canadian Democracy

Anglo Society of New Brunswick

Canadian Language News and Political Debates

Canadian Conservatives

Canadians United Against Forced Bilingualism

Eastern Ontario Citizens Against Frenchification

Equal Rights for New Brunswick Anglophones

Justin Trudeau Not

New Brunswick Referendum on Bilingualism 2014

No Liberals Ca

Other Books on the Subject:

"Bilingual Today, French Tomorrow" (1977)

“Enough” – J. V. Andrew (1988)

“Conning the Canadians” – Victor W. Forster, Sr. - book 1 (1989)

“Conning the Canadians” – Victor W. Forster, Sr. - book 2 (1991)

“The Monstrous Trick” – Kenneth McDonald (

“Constitutional Crack-up” – William D. Gairdner (1994)

“Tea Party of One” – Jean-Serge Brisson (2014)

“Canada is NOT a bilingual country” – Howard Galganov (2008)

“The Quebecois Elite – Patriots or Scoundrels?” – Rovert Sauve (1998)

“Free at last – Quebec 2007” – Ret. Col. Ron Coleman (2004)

“Just Watch Me – Trudeau’s Tragic Legacy” - Ret. Col. Ron Coleman (2003)

“Lament for a Notion” – Scott Reid (1993)

“Partition – the price of Quebec’s Independence” – William F. Shaw & Lionel Albert (1980)

"The First Step" - Maurice J King (1993)

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