Table of Contents

1. How Did Apartheid Take Hold?
Apartheid in Canada
The History of Apartheid in South Afrika
Apartheid in South Afrika and Canada

2. Quebec Bill 101, Path To Apartheid
The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Apartheid Leadership
Quebec Heroes
South Afrikan Heroes

3. Political Acts or Criminal Behavior?

Senators and Supreme Court Judges
Traditional Heritage Under Attack
Pushing Back Against Apartheid
Sports Against Apartheid
Communism, Good or Bad?
French Quebecer Supremacy
Apartheid in Education

4. Living Under Apartheid

After Apartheid
Power of the Press
Anglo sentiment parallel Afrikan Quotes

5. Colonization and Immigration
The Huguenot Connection
Spanish, French, and British Battles
The Treaty of Paris
British Save Quebec Against American Invasion
Immigrant Irish Shape Quebec and Canada
The Quebec Act
The Manitoba Act
Newcomers Welcomed

6. Languages of North America
Development of the English Language
Speaking Accented English
French Language Origins
Quebec Movie Ratings and Culture

7. Unilingual, Bilingual, Multicultural
Get Rid of the Official Languages Act (OLA)
Bilingualism, Wasted Time, Wasted Money
Language Issues
The Federal Identity Program
The Frenchifucation of Measurement

8. English, the Global Lingua Franca
Languages In the United States
Languages Distribution in Canada
Non-Quebecer-French Populations

9. Quebec Government Replaces Religion
Le Programme de Restauration Sociale of 1933
The Revenge of the Cradle-Next Chapter
Quebec, Living Beyond Their Means

10. Pierre Elliot Trudeau
P E Trudeau enters politics

11. Quebec’s Culture of Crime
The Charbonneau Commission
Student Riots in Quebec
Front de liberation du Quebec (FLQ)
Quebec Immigration
Financial Woes
Quebec, The Bottomless Pit

12. Call it Sovereignty, Call it Separation

Native Issues under Canadian Apartheid
Partitioning Quebec
Governments Supporting Apartheid
Back to the Land?
Business and Military Security
Steps to making a Separate Quebec

13. Protecting English in Canada
No Medical Assistance in English in Quebec
Language Fairness
English Language Regaining Strength
Letter to MP Hillyer and Prime Minister Harper
Barry Irvine letter (with permission)

14. Peace and Reconciliation

What is the Canadian resolve?
Songs We Sang When Canada Was A Country

“The world is too dangerous to live in - not because of the people who do evil but because of the people who sit and let it happen.”, Albert Einstein
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